Kira Lehman Studios
Freelance artist
Hi, I'm Kira Lehman. I'm glad you found my site where I'm doing what I like to do.
A little about me:
I grew up in a small town in the far east of Oregon with a resourceful and very creative mother. A lot of what I do and know has it's origins with her. I have an extensive background with pottery, calligraphy, printing, photography and stained glass. I was involved with art classes at the local community college and city recreation from toddler age on up through high school.
After leaving my home town I moved to western Oregon. I went to college at the University of Oregon with all intentions of getting a science degree. I did end up with a Bachelor of Science but in Fine Arts. The arts just kept pulling me back. I was particularly interested in lithography and screen printing.
After graduating I became an Information Systems Technician at a hospital. Logical right? Well, I also have a background in computers thanks to my brother and his gift of an Atari 1200XL when I was eight.

It seemed I had wasted my time getting an art degree. I sat behind a desk and helped those less knowledgeable than I in the ways of computers and their applications. It was fine for several years. I got a chance to pay off those school loans and settle in a bit. Then came the months of terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days. Well, I quit.

The bliss part I mentioned before all began, strangely enough, with a TV show called Firefly. (It's on DVD if you haven't seen it yet.) I decided I must have a Firefly fan shirt. Non were available. My friends said they wanted one too! I made iron ons. They looked alright until they were washed a couple times. Not good enough.

Next came the screen printing of 11th Hour's gorilla marketing designs.
Oh that was fun, wow a lot of people want shirts! I want one of every
crew member! I became a member of the Serenity movie site (Firefly movie
also on DVD) and offered up shirts to those interested in sending me
shirts to print. We had big Shindigs where we printed shirts and enjoyed
our Browncoaty goodness.

Some friends and I designed a shirt for each of the remaining crew members and even a couple for the movie. Each time we had a new design I had new challenges to face with the crude setup I was using to make the screens and print them. Little by little one piece at a time I ended up with a snazzy setup and great resources. I made several new friends from that experience and even got a chance to be at the red carpet premiere of Serenity in Hollywood! That was an experience I will always treasure.

It just goes to show, you never know where life is going to lead you. Hundreds and hundreds of shirts later, printing for people all over the world, I'm here and happy as all get out to be making and selling shirts! Look ma I'm using my degree!