T-Shirt Information

    I begin with creating a design on my computer. Next, I spend time cleaning the image up so that it has clean lines. I then have a photo positive made of the design. I cover a yellow mesh screen in photo sensitive emulsion and dry it in the dark. Once ready I expose the positive with the screen to UV light for a period of time. After it's exposed, I wash the screen out thoroughly so it doesn't become clogged. The screen is now ready to print with.

    I begin with 100% cotton heavy weight shirt and launder it to remove the sizing. The sizing is a starch the manufacturers put on the shirt to make them look new. However, it interferes with the ink's ability to adhere to the cotton. I press the shirt to ensure a good working surface. After making some test prints to see if the screen is working well, I align the shirt to the proper place on the press.

Prtinting 1

    Next I work the ink into the shirt with a squeege. The ink I use does not require solvent clean up and is easier on me and the enviroment.
Printing done

    Once the shirt is printed, I remove it and heat set the ink into the shirt with a hot iron.

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