Rune Information

Making raku fired runes 

   I've been making runes for about 20 years. I start by selecting a local clay. I work each rune and its pinch pot into shape by hand. The pinch pot is a type of pot made buy pinching the clay into the desired pot or bowl form. Next, I draw the runic symbols into the clay. After the clay runes and pinch pot are leather hard, I burmish them with tanned leather and polished stones until they are very smooth. The runes are then fired to cone 06. They are now ready to be rakued inside their pinch pots. I feel this brings a sense of unity between them. Plus it keeps them from getting lost through the process.

The raku process

Raku Step 1 Raku Step 1
First, I fire the pinch pot full of runes inside the ruku kiln.

Raku step 2
Next, I remove the runes from the kiln and place
them in the reduction chamber.

Raku step 3
The runes are covered with different combustable
materials in the reduction chamber and left to oxidize.
After they are removed from the chamber they are
quickly cooled in a tub of water.

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Finished rune set